O r g a n i c w i n e s o f t h e P a l i ć v i n e y a r d s

“Our winery produces wines primarily intended to emphasize the varietal characteristics of the grapes. We use knowledge, experience, and hearts to lead our family winery on the path of generational quality. It was named after our middle daughter, and the name is binding! There are many wineries, but ours boasts a unique geographic location on the shores of Lake Palić and an organic approach to wine production. Harmony with nature and cooperation with local producers of top quality homemade food is our mission.”

The Gubičak Family

Our story

F a m i l y W i n e r y P E T R A

The family winery PETRA is located on the shores of Lake Palić, near Subotica, the northernmost city in Vojvodina, Serbia. It is only a two-hour drive from Belgrade (190 km) and Budapest (200 km), and a five-hour drive from Vienna (400 km).
The family estate Gubičak spans across 10 hectares, of which 6.5 hectares are dedicated to gardens, while 3.5 hectares are planted with vines in 2009. The carefully chosen plot sits at geographical coordinates of 46.07652 degrees latitude, 19.76987 degrees longitude, and an altitude of 106 meters. Through soil analysis, geological sampling, and meticulous calculations, the best clones of grapevines suitable for this habitat have been selected: Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Traminer, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc.
On the family estate, life is lived in harmony with nature, tending to all plants, producing organic wine and food, enjoying the garden, lake, plants, and animals.

Harmony with nature

G a r d e n , w i n e , a n d t a s t i n g s !

palić pavillion PETRA
degustacija vina podrum vinarija PETRA
The exquisite luxury of tasting rooms and barrel halls, the microclimate of the wine cellar and aging rooms, the egg shaped concrete tanks, and the elegance of the sales counter leave a strong impression. It’s a unique and extraordinary experience to visit us.
The winery is the art of living!
organska vina PETRA
Having recognized all the positive aspects of the geolocation, microclimate, and acquired knowledge and experience, we decisively climbed all the steps of conversion to transition to organic grape and wine production in our vineyard.
Since 2021, PETRA Winery has been the holder of European and Serbian certificates for the production of organic wines and grapes!

T h e w i n e r y i s t h e a r t o f l i v i n g !

podrum jaje organska vina PETRA