P E O P L E D O W O R K - T E A M W O R K

“Discover new worlds and weave their skies.
Give them air to breathe and make themselves alive.”

Miroslav Antić

porodica Gubičak

G u b i č a k

„From the sentence -Daddy, buy me a nice present, a bottle of wine and some cheese – we have come to this moment today. Walking from the entrance of the estate, through the vineyard where every grape was evenly influenced by the wind, moisture and sunlight, passing through the winery, we arrive at the shores of Palić, where we enjoy in each and every day and sunset through the art in a glass. This is where we become aware how perfect laws of nature are, only if we follow them.”
Viticulture and cellaring

S i n i š a R a d i ć

Siniša was born in 1982 in Subotica, a city surrounded by plains, orchards and vineyards.
He has been a nature lover since early childhood. During his high school days, he discovered his passion for viticulture and enrolled in the Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Fruit Growing and Viticulture. That was where he found himself completely! After finishing his studies, he realized his dream and got a job in a winery.
He is happy every working day he spends in the vineyard, and not a day passes he does not walk through his oasis and supervises wine aging in the cellar!
He has been working at the PETRA Winery for five years, which was exactly the period when the decision was made to switch to organic grape and wine production. Dedication, talent, and endless love are woven into every picked cluster and bottle of wine.
He learns daily and solves the challenges nature throws at him.
Siniša Radić - tim
Tamaš Buza - tim
Landscape architecture

T a m a š B u z a

He has always had interests in nature, landscapes and spent most of his time in the yard. As the years passed, the interest has grown into a hobby, and after finishing high school, he enrolled in the Faculty of Agriculture, majoring in landscape architecture.
Apart from education, he invested a lot of time in working with plants – from planning, through project implementation, to the most difficult part, growing and tending for plants. He managed to show his talent by working for several years on PETRA Winery exterior, and many realized ideas and applied techniques. Together with the team of gardeners, he brought the garden’s appearance to an enviable level.
As a visionary and esthete, he is in love with his work. Always committed to the challenges of the profession, which he has been practicing for an entire decade.
He proudly stands behind several successful private garden projects, and he also contributed to the Palić Zoo botanical garden.

S l o b o d a n Š a p o n j a

Slobodan was born in 1973 in Vukovar at the crossroads of wine routes.
Raised in the spirit of the family tradition of viticulture and wine production, his idea of pursuing the future career of an oenologist has matured from an early age. He enrolled in oenology studies and graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad with a degree in engineering.
For over two decades, he has been improving and profiling his knowledge in large wine production plants and honing his talent through cooperation with smaller wineries.
He has owned a company for consulting on developing organic and biodynamic grape and wine production in Serbia for a full decade.
Thanks to long-term commitment, constant work on acquiring and perfecting new knowledge, talent, and teamwork with PETRA Winery in 2021, satisfaction comes – European and Serbian organic grape and wine production certificate.
He also provides consulting services related to biodynamic wine production and Demeter certification. A dream came true – he does a job he loves endlessly and cherishes a family tradition!
Slobodan Šaponja
šaponja - gubičak - radić

K N O W - H O W T E A M

“The Elixir of Life has fascinated me the most: the idea that all things will perish one day before realizing and feeling the existence of God is despairing. Learning about the possibility of getting the liquid that would significantly extend my existence, I decided to find it and devoted my body and soul to finding it.”
“Alchemist”,  Paulo Coelho

M i h a i l o J a g o d i ć

Mihajlo was born in 1997 in Subotica, a lover of the top gastronomy skills and woth open horizons for new flavours and challanges.
In his seven years intership, he worked as a chef in Michelin-rated restaurants: Hisi Frank (Slovenia) and Boskinac (Croatia). Staying in these places, he realized the importance of cooperation with local and seasonal ingredients and food producers.
By applying this philosophy, PETRA Winery not only gets the highest quality and healthiest dishes, but also serves clients with the best that our environment offers and that represents our identity.
Mihailo Jagodić