W h i t e L a b e l

B r a n d i n g f o r s p e c i a l o c c a s i o n s

Are you approaching a company anniversary?

Do you want to give gifts to your close collaborators and significant clients throughout the year?

They say that the art of giving lies in uniqueness.

Be original – gift branded wine from the available assortment of PETRA Winery.

Example: Fair Novi Sad – Jubilee Edition 100th Anniversary

F o l l o w t h e p o s s i b l e s t e p s o f O U R c o l l a b o r a t i o n :

  1. Complete the contact form attached.
  2. Align your preferences, quantities, and availability – fill in the optimal quantity for the order and specify the desired wine variety.
  3. Design – apply the logo, visual identity, anniversary label, and/or card.
  4. Printing is done in the agreed-upon quantity.
  5. Branding and waxing of bottles for your authentic gift.