W i n e s

R o s e o r g a n i c a

Carefully made according to the extremely demanding organic certification production. Strict records are kept of every production step in the vineyard and winery.

R o s e & C o o r g a n i c a

Delicate colors of salmon and onion skins, this wine captivates with the scent of floral and fruity notes.
It is followed by a very balanced full-bodied taste with gentle and at the same time refreshing acids, pleasant and long-lasting aftertaste finishing.

O r a n g e o r g a n i c a

The exclusivity of the taste and aroma of wine hand made in cooperation with nature! Orange wine is obtained from white Pinot Grigio variety using the red wine method.

T r a m i n e r o r g a n i c a

Dry white wine made from the homonymous grape variety, excellently adapted to our region on a carefully chosen vineyard plot near Lake Palić.

D e s s e r t T r a m i n e r o r g a n i c a

Sweet wine, rich in beautiful aromas and scents. Late-harvest wine produced by a special approach to both grape production and wine production tehnology. We get golden yellow wine with very pronounced aromas of flowers (rose, geranium) and dried fruit, by carefully harvesting grapes at full ripeness, with partially developed botrytis, and then naturally drying them in crates.

P i n o t N o i r B A R R I Q U E o r g a n i c a

Dry ruby-red red wine with light purple tones on the rim, that, when swirled, turns into brick (terracotta), characteristic of red Burgundy wine.