Dessert Traminer

1.500,00 rsd
PETRA Dessert Traminer is a sweet dessert wine.

Late-harvest wine produced by a special approach to both grape production and wine production tehnology.

We get golden yellow wine with very pronounced aromas of flowers (rose, geranium) and dried fruit, by carefully harvesting grapes at full ripeness, with partially developed botrytis,
and then naturally drying them in crates.

Its taste is full-bodied, harmonious, sweetish and persistent, captivating with its loveliness.
Delicate honey and fruity notes make the aroma of this wine nectar-like sensual and rich.


Grape variety: 100% Traminer
Terroir: Subotica region / Palić vineyards / Serbia / Europe
Harvest time: November
Fermentation: 15 days
Alcohol content: 13,0%
Volume: 0,5 l
Shelf life: unlimited
Vintage: 2017.

Aging and maturation: Half of the wine ages for 8 months in “concret egg”, the rest of the wine ages for 8 months in a stainless steel tank, then matures for another 12 months in the bottle or often longer.

Gastronomic recommendations / Food & Wine pairing

PETRA Desertni Traminac is recommended with less sweet desserts, fruit cake (apple pie), fruit and chocolate tarts, creamy treats. It especially pairs well with food that has a bitter touch, as a nice contrasting note, such as “foi gras” (goose liver), as well as spicy moldy cheese.