Chocolate pearls & Pinot Noir Barrique

8.800,00 rsd
The combination of wine and handmade luxury chocolates provides a unique experience to the consumer. This is why the masters of their craft, the pastry chefs, had the task of impressing you with their selection. Chocolate pearls are made under special conditions, based on the provided wine sample they are intended to accompany. The base of our chocolate pearls is crafted from rosemary and raspberries, enhanced with high-quality Java milk chocolate and cocoa-rich cream from specially selected Venezuelan high-quality chocolate. The production is entirely manual throughout the entire process, and the chocolate pearls do not contain added sugar, preservatives, or any other additives harmful to health. Storage of this product does not require refrigeration, but it is best kept at 20°C. Those who have experienced it can partially share their impressions with you. It’s up to you to experience them for yourself.