V i n a

R o s e

The taste is fruity, rounded with beautiful acidity. It has a delicate salmon color with a subtle sheen. Wine made from grape varieties: Pinot Noir, Traminer, and Pinot Grigio.

R o s e & C o

With a delicate salmon color and a subtle sheen, this wine captivates with the aroma of floral and fruity notes. It is accompanied by a well-balanced taste, showcasing fullness and gentle yet refreshing acidity, leading to a pleasant and long-lasting finish.

P i n o t G r i g i o

It has a full-bodied, very fresh, fluffy taste, with pleasant acids that give it an apparent intensity of fruity characters and gentle herbal tones. Characterized by a grayish-yellow color with a crystal sheen, excellent clarity, and swirl.

T r a m i n e r

Our winery produces wines that primarily aim to highlight the varietal characteristics of the grapes, and that is precisely the case with TRAMINER!

D e s s e r t T r a m i n e r

Late-harvest wine produced by a special approach to both grape production and wine production tehnology.

C u v e é

Sumptuous blend of two famous grape varieties: Merlot and Cabernet Franc, which we grew in cooperation with nature and perfectly adapted to our vineyards along the immediate shore of Lake Palić.

P i n o t N o i r B A R R I Q U E

Dry ruby-red red wine with light purple tones on the rim, that, when swirled, turns into brick (terracotta), characteristic of red Burgundy wine.

P i n o t N o i r R E S E R V A

Pinot Noir Reserve is produced only in special years when the grapes in the vineyard are the best for great wines. PETRA Pinot Noir Reserve has a darker ruby red color, but when swirled, the color of the wine changes to brick (terracota), characteristic of red Burgundy wine.